Sunday, January 25, 2015

January message to Marija Pavlovic

Dear children! Also today I call you: live your vocation in prayer.

Now, as never before, Satan wants to suffocate man and his soul by his contagious wind of hatred and unrest.

In many hearts there is no joy because there is no God or prayer.

Hatred and war are growing from day to day.

I am calling you, little children, begin anew, with enthusiasm, the walk of holiness and love; since I have come among you because of this.

Together let us be love and forgiveness for all those who know and want to love only with a human love and not with that immeasurable love of God to which God calls you.

Little children, may hope in a better tomorrow always be in your heart.

Thank you for having responded to my call.

Marija cancels visit to South America

The Medjugorje seer Marija Pavlovic has cancelled her visit to South America that was scheduled to get underway this coming week, with stops in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Notice of the cancellation was issued by Oriol Vives on behalf of the Medjugorje Foundation Centre, organisers of the seer’s visit, stating it was “due to personal reasons”.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Called to be apostles...

Jesus went up into the hills and summoned those he wanted. So they came to him and he appointed twelve; they were to be his companions and to be sent out to preach, with power to cast out devils. Mark 3 : 13-15

Dear children! Today I thank you for every sacrifice that you have offered for my intentions. I call you, little children, to be my apostles of peace and love in your families and in the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit may enlighten and lead you on the way of holiness. I am with you and bless you all with my motherly blessing.Thank you for having responded to my call.
Medjugorje message, June 25, 2005

Thursday, January 22, 2015

ANAK-TNK street children met Pope Francis

Great numbers

Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lakeside, and great crowds from Galilee followed him. From Judaea, Jerusalem, Idumaea, Transjordania and the region of Tyre and Sidon, great numbers who had heard of all he was a doing came to him.
Mark 3 : 7-8

Dear children! Today I am happy to see you in such great numbers, that you have responded and have come to live my messages. I invite you, little children, to be my joyful carriers of peace in this troubled world. Pray for peace so that as soon as possible a time of peace, which my heart waits impatiently for, may reign. I am near to you, little children, and intercede for every one of you before the Most High. I bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.
Medjugorje message, June 25, 1995

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Give your hand to me...

Then Jesus looked around at them all and said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He did so, and his hand was better.
Luke 6 : 10

God blessed me with two hands, both to receive and to give. Which hand will I stretch out today? Will it be the hand that I have always kept to myself, the hand I refuse to offer to others, the hand that has withered in time.

Will today be a sabbath day for me, a time to allow Jesus to heal and make my withered hand better and so become a willing hand once more?

Give your hand to me, your mother, and permit me to lead you.
part message, August 2, 2006

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pointing to Jesus

The towering sculpture of the Risen Saviour is a major attraction for pilgrims visiting Medjugorje, primarily because of the strange phenomenon that causes water to seep almost continually from the right knee. Any natural cause for this marvel has yet to be established.

But there is also another unusual feature about the sculpture, not always apparent, that can be considered even more “miraculous” than the water flow which grabs the attention of most pilgrims.

To witness this extraordinary sight one has to focus on the stylised countenance of Christ, which is about 20 feet from the ground. Lighting and the time of day will also dictate the clarity of what is seen. But under favourable conditions the head of the Jesus takes on the appearance of a lamb’s head. Christ becomes the Lamb of God, the sacrificial lamb who takes away the sins of the world and grants peace.

Should we be surprised by this mystery at such a place as Medjugorje, where millions of hearts have reconciled with Christ during the long history of apparitions?

Shown here are three enlargements of the head from separate full-length shots of the figure, so the results are somewhat soft and grainy. Nevertheless, the eye, jawbone, snout, nostril and floppy ear are clearly identifiable as the head of the slaughtered lamb hangs to one side.

Compare them to the above illustration of a long-eared lamb typical of the middle east, and the one below which shows how the face of Christ normally appears to pilgrims on the ground. 

Be purified of sins and in Jesus, my Son, recognise the sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the entire world. part message to Mirjana, March 2, 2008

Just as John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God to two disciples at the River Jordan, Our Lady also reminds us to repent of our sins though Jesus and recognise the ‘sacrifice of atonement’.

Even though the Slovenian sculptor Andrej Ajdič has confirmed the lamb’s head was not intended when he designed the sculpture, the feature is there to be seen. It is visible but unrecognised. It requires pointing out, and even then, there are some who are unable to identify the “lamb”.

Jesus, remained unrecognised in this way for 30 years until John the Baptist made reference to the Lamb of God: “Look, there is the lamb of God”. Hearing this, the two disciples followed Jesus. John 1 : 35-36

We can also link into this the fact that Our Lady first appeared at Medjugorje on June 24, 1981 – the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. Like John, she also invites us to turn our attention to Jesus.

Dear children, at this time of preparation and joyful expectation I, as a mother, desire to point you to what is the most important, to your soul. Can my Son be born in it?
part message to Mirjana, December 2, 2009

When Pope Francis visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil 18 months ago, he said: “When the Church looks for Jesus, she always knocks at his Mother’s door and asks: ‘Show us Jesus’. It is from Mary that the Church learns true discipleship. That is why the Church always goes out on mission in the footsteps of Mary.”

At Medjugorje, Mary shows us Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Prayer groups are powerful

In today’s Gospel reading (Mark 2 :1-12) we read of a paralysed man being lowered on his stretcher through the roof of the house where Jesus is teaching. The man’s sins are forgiven and he is also healed physically and made to walk again.

It is not always easy to reach Jesus. Our path can be blocked in all sorts of ways and by all sorts of distractions, worries and concerns. Sometimes our burdens can be so heavy we are unable to move or even walk. There just doesn’t seem to be a way through.

But thank God for friends, especially friends with faith; friends who perservere against all obstacles; friends who pray, who are persistent in prayer; friends prepared to present us to Jesus; friends who will carry our stretcher; friends who will go to extremes and remove the tiles from a roof; friends like the four men who carried the paralytic in today’s gospel; friends who will climb heights; friends like the young men from the Cenacolo Community in the picture above who carried Fr Brendan to the top of Medjugorje’s Apparition Hill to present him to the Mother of God.

The four-man team that carried the paralytic to Jesus was in fact a prayer group, just like the Cenacolo team of men who prayed at every Joyful Mystery station when they climbed Apparition Hill carrying the sick priest. Prayer groups are powerful, especially those that are persistent in praying on behalf of others, for those suffering spiritually, those suffering physically. It is through the faith, hope and love of such groups that makes it easier for Jesus to say to the sick: “Your sins are forgiven.”

Do not forget that your life does not belong to you, but is a gift with which you must bring joy to others and lead them to eternal life. part Medjugorje message, December 25, 1992

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Illegal buildings under threat of closure

Illegally constructed guest houses, hotels and other commercial units in Medjugorje are facing closure by February, according to Dragan Vasilj, president of the local community in Medjugorje.

The threat of closure comes after an order was issued by the Čitluk District Council for property owners to apply for their buildings to be legalised before a deadline of February 13.

The current temporary solution to have the application delayed for a further year has been set aside by the Council and many property owners, dependent on religious tourism, now face the reality of being prevented from trading and having to close their businesses, unless they can meet the new demands of the Council, or negoitate an extension to the application closing date.

Vasilj claims that 70% of building construction in Medjugorje is illegal, according to a report by


Dear children! Today I invite you to glorify God and for the Name of God to be holy in your hearts and in your life. Little children, when you are in the holiness of God, he is with you and gives you peace and joy which come from God only through prayer. That is why, little children, renew prayer in your families and your heart will glorify the holy Name of God and heaven will reign in your heart. I am close to you and I intercede for you before God. Thank you for having responded to my call.
Medjugorje message, May 25, 1997

Message commentary by Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM

I invite you to glorify God...

This again has to do with seeking God and that God gives himself to him who looks for him, but especially in being united with God and in leaving behind all sin. What does the call to glorify God really mean? We can glorify God through our words and our deeds. God placed in us the Divine seeds. We can grow in love, in peace, in faith, in hope, in truth, in honesty, and in goodness, so when we are with him we can let all these fruits grow in our lives, these fruits after which we all yearn. Because every person expects to be accepted, loved, respected, protected by others, he also expects to stay in simple and true contact with them. These are the fruits that we expect from the others and the others expect the same from us. When we are in contact with God in prayer, then God will give us the grace and the conditions that these seeds in us need so that they will then grow and bear fruit. So every person who loves, has peace and hope, is honest and lives in truth, thinks of others and especially of the small, the poor, the abandoned, does, with every deed, glorify, praise and give honour to God. Parents especially should understand this well. When a child in some particular area brings home good results, then the parents will also be happy and through it also be honoured. Every father and mother will become very conscious that that son or daughter is theirs. So through the good that children do, the parents also receive honour, and it is the same way with God. He gave us wonderful gifts and he then is also honoured when people see these gifts in us. And Jesus also said that when people see our good deeds they are also glorifying God. But when the child is not doing well, is doing badly, then the parents will not get up and say, “this is our son” or “this is our daughter”, and it is the same with God. When we are bad or without love, when we live in hate and destroy one another, then we cannot glorify God.

Before we address a very important question concerning Mary’s message, I remember very clearly a discussion with a person who had left the Church and who found negative things to say about everyone, about the bishop, about the priests, about the parishioners, and no longer wanted anything at all to do with the Church. When he had expressed all his anger about the Church, I tried to point him toward all that is right and that is good in the Church, but I remained unsuccessful. Then, at one point, I again spoke up and mentioned that he had to accept something and that was that certainly Mother Teresa and her mission were something good in the Church and for the whole world. There he quickly agreed and even said that he believed in God, believed in her love and her work, but that he still couldn’t believe in the Church of the others. The question we must pose is what picture of God do we ourselves show? What do people think about the God in whom we believe? Is he a God of love, of mercy, of goodness, of peace, or is he, through our behaviour, another and therefore untrue God? When we, through our words and our deeds, show a good and true picture of God, then the others will also more easily find this only true God. St Paul told us at several points in his letters to do everything here for the glory of God. This means when we eat and drink, when we work or sleep, when we pray or do anything, that everything can be turned into the glory of God. Mary then wishes that...

The name of God to be holy in your hearts and in your life...

When we really pray, and when we speak or do good, we are in fact showing that the name of God is holy. But it is also important when Mary says “in our hearts and in our life”. Here we can also touch upon another problem, and one that is constantly to be found in the Bible. When God, through the prophets, says that “this people praise me with their lips, but their heart is far from me” or when the prophet says, “you come into the Temple to pray or to bring offerings, yet when you return home, you continue with the same injustice as before”, so primarily with a clean and humble heart can God be glorified and his name may become holy. But from there, deeds must also come forth with which we glorify God, and of this St James spoke very clearly. He wanted to see deeds and then, through those, to be able to see that faith was there too, but he rejected faith without deeds. Jesus had the strongest disagreement with those who with their lips gave glory to God, but who in their relationships with the others were not the way that God wanted them to be. The one who prays and fasts but who also judges the others or says that he believes but is not ready to help and to see Jesus in the poor is a Pharisee. Jesus said many sharp words about the Pharisees. It is certainly also true that we find it easier to see what we are supposed to do than to receive the strength to then also do it. St Paul had the same problem when he said that he felt two laws in his life – the one that he found to be good but did not follow, and the one that he knew was not good but did follow. “Spare me the poor person, but thank God for the one who saves me in Jesus Christ.” When we first of all know that we praise and honour God in our hearts and then try, through our deeds and our relationships with the others, also to honour him, while remembering clearly our own weaknesses, this is also the way we can rescue ourselves from being Pharisees. But when we stay at the level of our lips, but change nothing in our relationships toward the others, then we are Pharisees. When we attempt to glorify God and to make his name holy among us, then we stay and are in God’s holiness in everything that we do. When we remain in contact with him in this way, and are...

In the holiness of God he is with you and will give you peace and joy which comes only from God through prayer...

Those who believe in God, meaning those who have entrusted their hearts and all their lives to him, will and, in another way, MUST live in peace. Someone who has too much fear or who has no joy in life at all has the best proof there is that he is not living in God’s holiness. This does not, however, mean that we cannot be sad or temporarily lose our peace, but if it concerns a constant lack of an inner peace, then there is something wrong inside of us. Jesus also spoke of the joy that one can have when one is suffering or carrying one’s cross. This is most certainly a great lesson for us, but certainly when God says it is possible, then it will be possible. The more a situation in our lives pushes us away from joy, the more we need to pray and to fast, and then we will get the strength to overcome all possible situations with peace and with joy. Mary continues with...

Renew prayer in your families...

How often has she called upon us to pray? In all these years it has been uncountable times that she has repeated this. Have we personally really begun to pray more? Have we begun to pray more in the families and in the prayer groups? If yes, then we should consciously thank God for having given us the grace to do so. Yet, if we have not yet begun or have in the meantime again become tired, then it is good to again renew doing so. In all these years of Medjugorje it is certain that very many people have come to the decision to pray, to fast, to go to Mass and Confession and to read the Bible regularly, and I hope that many will also continue to do so, but there are just as many who have yet to begin and yet others who for any reason might have become tired. The Anniversary that is coming closer to us now will again give us new impulses to renew the life that we had promised, and so we will certainly also glorify God as well as Mary, as the Queen of Peace, who is helping us here. If we do what she asks of us in our families then...

Your heart will glorify the Holy Name of God and...

Mary promises us that...

Heaven will reign in your heart...

Heaven is, of course, the place of God’s presence, the place of peace, love and understanding, and the place for which every human heart yearns. I remember when someone once asked Marija what people really did in Heaven. She answered that in Heaven one thanks God with joy for all that he did for us while we did not notice or see what was happening. And for this we need eternity because God’s love for us is that great! So a heart in which Heaven reigns means a heart where gratitude exists, and gratitude is a behaviour in which we recognise God in all that we have and then very consciously realise that it has come to us out of his love. Then it only follows that we thank him, and giving thanks is the most wonderful fruit of faith. When we become grateful to God and grateful to the others around us, because people do so much good for us, then we will also have peace. At the end of her message Mary then says...

I am close to you and I intercede for you before God.

It is said often, and I repeat it here, Mary has not brought us any new messages here in Medjugorje, for everything that she has told us during these years is simply out of the Gospels, and from the practices and traditions of the Church. Still there is one new message here in Medjugorje and that is simply the extraordinary presence of Our Lady here with us. Without this daily extraordinary presence of Mary one can simply not explain Medjugorje! All the pilgrims who come here are, above all else, coming here due her extraordinary presence. And when they arrive here, they begin to pray, to fast, to go to Mass and to Confession. There is no other impulse for people to come to Medjugorje other than this extraordinary presence of Mary. When we remember what people said who did not accept Mary’s presence, then we will think of the Communists who said that it concerned a counter-revolution, and then someone tried to explain it all through drugs or some psychological illness. Then the Franciscans were accused for creating all this out of greed for money, but still one simply cannot explain Medjugorje through drugs, illness or money. Rather it is a great grace which God has offered us so that we may return to him for inner peace, and we should truly thank him repeatedly for these years. We might suggest that this month should become a month of gratitude toward God for having sent Mary to us. Like she told us earlier, “God sends me to you out of love, so that I may help you to comprehend that without Him there is no future or joy and, above all, there is no eternal salvation.”

Fr Slavko Barbaric, Medjugorje, May 29, 1997