Friday, May 09, 2014

Tax inspections continue in Medjugorje

Bosnia & Herzegovina tax officials continued with inspections in Medjugorje this week and imposed fines of 40,700KM ($29,000, £17,000) for 25 misdemeanours on17 taxpayers who had operated unlawfully.

The mobile inspection team reviewed hotels, guest houses and appartments. In one guest house the owner was given a deadline by when guests should leave so that all rooms and the house could be sealed

In four inspections it was discoverd that the house owners were operating without authorisation issued by the competent authority.

Also caught up in the swoop were three unregistered workers and two business owners who were issued with decisions to suspend their business operations.

In the past four weeks, 191 inspections were carried out by the tax authorities, during and outside working hours, and 233 midemeanour warrants were issued that amounted to fines of 406,300KM ($290,000, £170,000) .

In the same period 35 premises were sealed, 35 undocumented workers discovered, and in 52 cases it was found that taxpayers did not have an authorised work permit.

Inspectors also clamped down on street sales in the area of Bijakovici and seized a quantity of goods including souvenirs, fruits, honey and alcohol. The seizure brought protest from some of the sellers and police accompanying the inspection team were called upon to intervene. One person was arrested.

According to the Bosnia Herzegovina Federal Offics of Statistics, the unemployment rate is currently 44%, based on the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.