Friday, March 27, 2015

It’s hard to believe!

For a woman desiring to walk the path of holiness, she is now able to step out in style wearing ‘Medugorje’ shoes!

Canadian and celebrity shoe designer John Fluevog has launched a “Medugorje” range of shoes to “carry your feet safely down your fateful path”. To do so with the grey-silver style shown above will set you back $159 U.S. (reduced from $239).

The inner sole is inscribed: “Make A Dream Come True”

This is how the footwear is described on the website:
Believing can be the hardest thing to do, even when you witness it with your own eyes. Designed with delicate swooping curves upon a hand carved wooden last, one has to wonder if John was experiencing Divine Intervention while drawing these lovely pumps. Using a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, the Medugorjes feature 3" leather wrapped heels, deliciously soft, aged leathers, and foot molding leather soles that will carry your feet safely down your fateful path. Miracles are the surprises of the soul.
• Was Mt Krizevac the inspiration for the shoe’s profile or, as a pair, do they represent the two ‘walking’ hills at Medjugorje?