Sunday, March 29, 2015

Passion Sunday

“I tell you solemnly, one of you is about to betray me, one of you eating with me.” They were distressed and asked him, one after another, “Not I, surely?”
Mark 14 : 18-20

Dear children; Today, with a motherly heart, I call you to learn to forgive, completely and unconditionally.

You suffer injustice, betrayals and prosecutions, but by that you are closer to and dearer to God.

My children, pray for the gift of love.

Only love forgives all, as my Son forgives – follow him.

I am among you and am praying that when you come before your Father you can say:

“Here I am Father, I followed your Son, I had love and forgave with the heart, because I believed in your judgement and trusted in you.”

Thank you.

Medjugorje message, September 2, 2009